It’s Not Lemons, So I Can’t Make Lemonade

It is amazing how when you begin to do what God has called you to do that life seems to “get in the way.” I often hear “when life hands you lemon’s make lemonade.” But what do you do when what you are handed is not lemons. It’s just the ordinary things of life that seem to weigh you down. You know, going to work everyday, cooking, cleaning, taking care of the children, taking care of your spouse or significant other, taking care of a parent, paying bills, trying to figure out how to pay off that student loan, or any of the other daily routines in your life. They’re not lemons, just the things we are tasked to handle each day.

No I am not complaining, I have tremendous gratitude for the ability to be able to get up each day and handle my business. I’m just trying to figure out how to do the everyday stuff and still find the time to be consistent in the other things. You know, the things you believe God is calling you to do that you just can’t seem to find time to do. You know, the things you were enthusiastic about doing and had so much energy for, but then …….. Eventually the excitement wanes and all that energy you once had is non-existence. You quickly realize you haven’t done much and now you feel guilty because you said you were going to do it and now … nothing.

You’ve done all the planning, but it on your calendar, set aside days and times to do the work, but everyday life rises and there you are off the task you had planned. You’ve gotten accountability partners, coaches, mentors, set goals, created vision boards, learned how to use technology, social media, and all the other stuff. You have all the tools you need to accomplish your goals. Yet, you still haven’t completed even one goal, but everyone else around you seems to have hit the ground running and are doing amazing things. You sit at the computer, but nothing happens; you make calls, but nothing happens; you advertise, but nothing happens; you look at what you can give up to make room for business, but you see nothing but life.

I don’t have an answer as to how do I really stop and do what I need to do to do what I believe God has told me to keep, except to keep praying, keep pressing, and never give up. For now I PRAY, PRAY, and PRAY some more.

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